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Why Remote Work Professionals Are Moving to Illinois


By Derek Goodman of Inbizability

Many companies are realizing the benefits of remote work and investing in virtual positions. This has given employees more freedom over their daily schedule and general workflow, but it’s offered flexibility in terms of location too. Without the constraints of a physical office, professionals are discovering that they can move anywhere — and they are — but why are so many of them choosing Illinois as their new home? Previous research indicates that 50% of residents in Illinois have considered moving, but this trend may be reversing thanks to the popularity of remote work.


Getting Ready for a Major Move Across the Country


Once you’ve decided to make the leap to a new state, it’s time to start getting ready for the move. Nobody ever said that moving across the country would be easy, and indeed, there will be challenges. To make the process easier, you can hire movers to do the heavy lifting and other hard parts.


Purchasing a home will be yet another major challenge as you settle into your new state. Thankfully, if you’re a remote worker, you don’t have to worry about finding new work or transferring your position from one office to another and then finding a house that’s close to your new workplace. Your job goes wherever you do!


Although you won’t have to worry about work, you may still find it hard to adjust to your new surroundings. This is especially true if you’ve moved away from friends and family. A new home offers plenty of opportunities to meet new people, though — and you can start with your neighbors. Making connections within your community can help you settle in and feel at ease in your new state.


Once you get settled into your new home, you’ll want to connect with a local handyman service to call on if you have the need. Start by searching online for ‘handyman near me’. You can browse testimonials and reviews from previous customers to get an idea of a given handyman’s skills and service. You should have plenty to choose from.


Starting a Business In Your New Home State


Moving to Illinois can be a costly endeavor. Data indicates that the average rent for a two-bedroom home is $842 per month, and the average monthly mortgage is $1,159 for a 30-year loan. Home services and groceries are generally expensive, too, with the latter costing $273 per month for just one person.


These figures may motivate you to seek out extra income, and starting a business is a great way to do so. In order to succeed, you’ll need to create a clear business plan with information about your company, its services, your target clientele, and its internal organization. You should also include any leads you may have for funding and your tentative financial goals. Also, consider partnering with a formation service so you know all the necessary paperwork gets correctly filed. As an example, when working such a service, starting a new business becomes less about the endless paperwork and more about bringing your ideas and vision to life.


In addition to seeking new sources of income, you should protect your existing investments — including your new home. The best way to do this is with insurance, but your homeowner’s policy likely only covers structural damage, injuries, and theft. You should find coverage for any issues with your appliances, plumbing, and other home systems. Choose a home warranty company that suits your budget, and take some time to research home warranty by reading reviews online.


Moving and Starting a Business in Illinois


There are few states that offer the beautiful metropolitan appeal alongside the charming small-town allure that you’ll find in Illinois. Whether you want to move to a big city like Chicago or a small town like Woodstock, remote workers will find the perfect place in the Land of Lincoln. Set your business up for success with a well-thought-out business plan, and protect your new home with a comprehensive warranty.



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