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By Christopher Haymon of

If you have a great idea that you want to turn into your own business in Chicago, you don’t have to fear taking action. It’s normal to be nervous because many things could go wrong, and failure is a possibility — but you can conquer your fear, nonetheless. Read on to learn how.

Get Organized

Your first step in overcoming your startup fear is to get organized, and this means creating a detailed business plan. This document will help you stay on track as you begin your new company. Write a description of your business and its purpose first. Then focus on your business structure, tasks, employee roles, marketing strategies, and funding. You can use your business plan to lay out all the most important aspects of your business.

Set Realistic Goals

Be sure, however, that you set realistic goals for yourself. You may have to start your business as a side hustle, for instance, and keep your regular job until you see how well you do. Don’t expect to sell millions in the first year. Shoot for keeping your company in the black and making a modest profit. You can expand from there.

Find a Mentor

A mentor who can provide practical advice can help you overcome some of your fear as a new business owner. Consider turning to a longtime business owner, for instance, or to a group of entrepreneurs that meets regularly for brainstorming and encouragement. If you decide to go back to school to boost your skills, you could find a mentor in a professor.

Adjust Your Attitude

Of course, part of overcoming your fear depends on adjusting your attitude. Starting a business is a major risk, but it is also a major adventure. You can focus on the negative or the positive, but you must decide. The right decision can significantly reduce your fear.

Use the Right Tools

Finally, there are plenty of tools available these days to help a new business owner get things done and manage the “scary” elements of starting a business. You might, for example, turn to an online formation service to help you register your business and set up its structure. The service will ensure that your company is legally compliant, and you might choose a structure like a Limited Liability Company that provides tax benefits, greater flexibility, less paperwork, and limited personal liability.

You can also use convenient tools to help you run and promote your business. Top Gear Technologies offers web and email hosting as well as website design that can take the pressure off your marketing tasks and communication. You can also find a free invoice maker online that provides templates you can customize with your own text, logo, photos, and more. You’ll create professional invoices easily, download them, and send them off to your impressed customers, who will pay you more quickly. Be sure to try free graphics generators and business card makers, too.

Start That Business

Get over your fear and start that business you always wanted to start in Chicago. Just get organized, find a mentor for support, adjust your attitude, and use the tools available to you. You can succeed! Visit the Top Gear Technologies website for help with your online presence.