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Perhaps you’ve just been laid off. Maybe you’ve recently had to close a business due to circumstances outside of your control. Either way, you’re out of work, and you’re nervous about what the future holds. Working for yourself could be the right path for you, and Top Gear Technologies can help you launch a new venture. Here’s how to settle on a business idea, gain LLC status, purchase the right software for your company, and more.

Take Time to Process Your Loss 

Yes, losing a job can lead to genuine grief, so it’s important to take some time to process your emotions. Very Well Mind recommends talking to your friends or a therapist, writing in a journal, spending time in nature, and sticking with healthy routines to avoid getting stuck in a rut. 

Come Up with a Business Idea 

To decide on your business idea, think about the professional skills you’ve gained, the resources at your disposal, and your interests and passions. You might want to open an e-commerce store, work as a freelancer in a creative field, or sell your arts and crafts! 

File for LLC Status 

Once you’ve chosen a business idea, you need to create a plan. Picture your business plan as a flexible road map for the next few months, and describe your offerings, your budget projections, and any important details on your market or competitors.

In your business plan, you’ll also want to note which business structure you’ve chosen for your company. Many small business owners find that LLC status suits them best! This is because the LLC structure protects your personal assets through limited liability and grants you tax breaks. Keep in mind that each state has its own LLC formation rules. If you don’t feel comfortable filing on your own, you can budget for a lawyer or save money by working with an online formation service. 

Create a Business Website 

You won’t find your first customers unless you heavily promote your business. It’s okay if you’re not a natural when it comes to marketing – you’ll learn the ropes over time! You can start advertising your company by creating a business website. Square Up recommends registering a domain with your business’s name, picking a premade site theme, adding pages with clear categories, and adding a contact form.

You should also create social media profiles for your business and add links to your website on these accounts. This will encourage your customers to visit your site. In the future, you may even want to design your own app! 

Choose Helpful Software 

Today, almost every business owner uses some type of software to manage their operations. Take some time to research which software programs are popular amongst entrepreneurs in your industry. For instance, if you’re launching your own HVAC installation or repair service, this page deserves your time. You’ll likely want to invest in software that generates branded invoices, alerts customers with automatic payment notifications, and offers multiple payment channels. 

Don’t Make These Mistakes

When you’re starting a new business, making mistakes is inevitable – after all, you have a lot to learn, and there are no specific rules when it comes to entrepreneurship! However, it’s a good idea to beware of certain common mistakes. Startup Grind states that you shouldn’t try to tackle every challenge on your own, hire your closest friends, apply a perfectionist attitude to your projects, or get impatient during slow periods.

Bouncing back after a job loss or business closure isn’t easy. But by starting fresh with a foray into entrepreneurship, you can regain your confidence, boost your income, and take your career in an exciting new direction.

Do you need assistance with web-based services for your business? That’s where Top Gear Technologies comes in. Fill out the contact form on our website today for a project quote.


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